Education has become highly competitive in the present day and institutions have also become highly student oriented. To be well equipped and stand out among the run-of-the-mill, these educational institutions need a core resource planning that can manage their entire information and operations. By automating the institution’s business processes and centralizing the data, transparency & flexibility can be increased.

To be at par globally, institutions are taking education to a whole new level by making use of the latest technology services to suitably equip students and at the same time offering the parents/guardians frequent updates about their wards’ performance and related information.

Equipping the institute in order to be more effective and competitive in the world of delivery of education is SourceEdge’s bespoke Educational ERP solution. It aims at reducing the gap between information and the users and ensures that there is seamless flow of information.

Challenges In Education Industry

  1. Operational Efficiency: With the number of things school administration deals with on a daily basis, expenses are running high. There is need to integrate other branches of school and vendor management system needs to be set up. Cloud computing is an excellent resource for sharing information across different centres. Upgrading technology to optimize energy efficiency is also important. It is important to reduce wastage and increase operational efficiency.
  2. Interaction and Engagement: The traditional classes used to happen on blackboards. The situation has now changed. Using projectors, DVD, laptops and other digital devices is now becoming common. Adoption of these technologies increases student’s attention span and increases their interaction and engagement which is essential these days.
  3. Value Partnerships: Teaching school curriculum is not enough. To stay ahead of competition, strategic partnerships are required. This includes collaboration with different entities like coaching institutes, vocational institutes and even different corporate offices where student can get good experience.

Mcentric Solutions is up to date with different technologies which are being used in education sector. We help education institutes in setting up Smart Classes to deliver digital and interactive education. We also help in integrating different processes for streamlining information flow. Our application software helps education institutes in keeping track of performance of each and every individual. Student mentors can use it easily without technical knowledge.