Pubic Sector

Overview: Connecting Brandswith Public

Succeeding in the market today is not just about providing products and services based on consumer and shopper insight. It is about moving ahead from insight to foresight and developing consumer goods that redefine your consumer’s tastes and preferences. Consumer goods organizations are re-engineering the way they connect their brands with their consumers based on the following business drivers:

  • Business to Business (B2B) and Direct to Consumer (D2C) initiatives
  • Continuous innovation and value chain optimization
  • Rapid globalization and growth in emerging markets such as APAC and LATAM
  • Surge of new brands and shopping channels

At Wipro, we have aligned our consumer goods practice around these business driver​s and have invested in strategic themes, which have been built around digital transformation. Our comprehensive set of solutions and services are focused on the dynamic needs of global consumer goods organizations.

  • Advisory and Business Consulting
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Application and Infrastructure Management
  • BPO and BPM
  • Cloud and Mobility
  • Independent Testing and Validation
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Packaged Applications Implementation
  • Supply Chain
  • Trade Promotion Management and Optimization

Challenges In Public Sector Industry

  1. Identify Consumer Needs: With the digital tools available, it is easier to connect with your target market. You can directly identify customer needs from primary source. These digital capabilities help consumer goods companies in understanding requirements and manufacturing accordingly.
  2. Product Innovation: The product lifecycle are getting shorter. This is particularly true for consumer electronics where new technology gets introduced every other day. It is imperative that companies differentiate themselves from their competitors and product innovation is the key.
  3. Demand Forecasting: If consumer goods manufacturer is able to forecast demand, it will help immensely. The company can manufacture and maintain goods accordingly.
  4. Value Chain Management: Consumer good manufactures have to take care of both ends- supply side and delivery side. A proper streamlined information flow can ensure that demand meets supply in a coordinated manner.

Mcentric Solutions provide end to end IT solutions for consumer goods manufacturers. Our team can help manufacturer set up a Supply Chain solution which will let you keep track of all goods which are being procured. Our solutions will ensure that your products time to market decreases and reaches customer in due time.