Hospital Management

Hospital Management

Front Office
  • Registration
  • Admission & Discharge
  • Setting appointments for Doctors in different departments
  • Tariff (Room & Operation Theaters)
  • Reservation of (Beds / Rooms & Operation Theaters)
  • Receipts / Billing
  • Consultation & treatment
  • Accident Case Records
  • Duty Roster for Doctors & Staff
  • Ambulance Service
Medical Records
  • Medical Record Maintenance
  • The system shell allows to add / modify / remove medical record details. Through this you can enter the backlog details also.
  • Medical Check-up Details (Personal Medical History, Medical Check-up and Physical examination).
  • Discharge Summary Reports (General and Gynecology)
  • All Radiology and Imaging Reports. (X-Ray, ECG, Ctscan and Ultrasound).
  • Surgery Record
  • Accident Case Record
  • Birth Record details
  • ICD Master maintenance (International Statistical Classification of Disease
  • Treatment specific Details & Reports
  • History, Examination of finding, Preliminary Tests & Final Diagnosis
  • Prescription of Tests & Medicines
  • Patient case Record
Wards & HDU
  • Consultation & Treatment
  • Prescription of Tests & Medicines to Patients
  • Patients Billing
  • Observation Details
  • Patients Case Record
  • Transfer of Patient
  • Equipment Details
  • Stock Maintenance
Operation Theater
  • Operation scheduling
  • Surgery Details
  • Equipment Details
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Patient Billing
    Laboratory & Diagnostics
  • Tests Requisition and Results
  • Receipts & Billing
  • Equipment Details
  • Purchases
  • Stock Maintenance


  • Sales
  • Alert Index (A detailed drug profile can be maintained)
  • Purchases
  • Issues & Transfers
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Patient Billing
    Central Stores
  • Purchases
  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Patient Accounts
  • Billing
  • Receipt / Refunds / Reversal
  • Interim / Final Bill / Final Settlement
Final Accounts
  • Reversal of receipts & Payments
  • Journal Entries / Reversal
  • A/C receivable / Reversal
  • Year end processing
Blood Bank
  • Donor Management
  • Cross Matching
  • Inventory Distribution
Management Information
  • Consultants
  • Patient administration
  • Departmental outcomes
  • Service outcomes
  • Comparisation and Statistical reports based on admission, registration, Birth, death
  • Department wise and service wise revenue.
  • Consultant wise revenue earned by the hospital
  • Income generated per patient
  • Department wise income and expenditure report
  • VED & FSN analysis Report
  • Consultant wise income generated, total admissions, visits reports in a specific period
  • Disease wise statistical report
  • Department wise, item wise consumption analysis report
  • Item wise analysis report
  • Room type wise, Bed wise occupancy analysis report. (For a specific period)

There are few area which would benefit the marketing of the hospital services to their clients or communicating with them. It is essential that there are certain facilities enabling the Hospital to develop relationships with their patients, consultants, corporate clients and also the employees with following features the systems.


The systems enables Mail merging of documents or messages for immediate printing and delivery to a selected group of consultants, corporate, suppliers, patients etc.

Email & Fax Facilities

All documents and reports from the screen can be E-mailed or faxed directly to the receivers mail box , enabling easy and immediate communication.

Identify Key areas

Key performance areas including the most profitable areas can be identified through a report for further improvements or targeting marketing campaigns.

Discounting techniques

Highly parameterized discounting enables the hospital managers to respond to discounting of bills, for patients or corporate, requiring immediate information.

Soft-Health provides an on-line system for Hospitals / Clinics which streamlines the malnutrition activities at the organization. The system makes available accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information to the management whenever needed. The Major highlight is the consolidation of bills, which could have been generated from any location or department.

The menu-driven, user-friendly, Soft-Health provides context sensitive help, auditing, built-in Multi-level security feature, facility for multiple price lists (for ex, for ESI, CGHS) through validations and checks for consistency during data entry, faster generation of reports which are well designed and well formatted, and facility for backup in case of system break-downs / maintenance.

Soft-Health regularizes all hospital management procedures, has the latest appointment positions right on the desk of the receptionist/doctor, maintains profiles of doctors, departments, corporate clients and investigation and generate MIS reports to facilitate fast decision-making.

Blood Bank:–

Executive Summary
This package deals about the day to day management of a blood bank. Its one of the most challenging and complex job and it takes care of donor and patient information. Information plays vital role in the success of modern blood bank through its instant access
This package deals with

    • Details of collection of blood from the donor to its transfusion to a patient is maintained accurately.
    • Details of collection of blood from the donor to its transfusion to a patient is maintained accurately.
    • Maintenance of Health History of the donor to ensure safety of the incoming Blood.
    • Explicit maintenance of details of blood components extracted and information of its stock.
    • Safety of the blood is determined by recording all the test results and accessing its suitability for transfusion.
    • Alarm messages for expiring blood and ensuring no receipt by any patient.
    • Current status of the blood bag is available for speedy review.
    • Maintenance of a detailed Transfusion feedback for future analysis and research.
    • Reminders for descending inventory levels of Blood Bags.
    • Maintenance of detailed information of blood brought from outside.
    • User friendly messages to avoid missing vital information.
    • Facility to allow cancellations of the reserved blood in case of elapsed stipulated time  to facilitate other requisitions.
    • Unique registration number for Donors for easy identification in case of future visits.
    • Unique registration number for Donors for easy identification in case of future visits.
    • Friendly user interactive screens.
    • Bottom line help to facilitate easy understanding.

Generation of reports

    • Daily Blood Stock.
    • Issue Of Blood Date Wise.
    • Units In Reservation.
    • Units Which Have Reached Expiry.
    • Blood Infection Screening Report.
    • Number Of Donors.
    • Replacement Of Donors By Doctors.
    • Number Of Patients Receiving Blood.
    • Number Of Patients Who Had Reaction.
    • Number Of Transfusions Done.
    • Number Of Cross Matching Done.
    • Number Of Blood Groupings.
    • Analysis As per Group And Disease.
    • Work Done By Each Technician In A Day.
    • Details Of Bag Used.
    • Number Of Discards.
    • Details Of Blood Bag Brought From Outside.
    • Donors Registry (Voluntary, Replacement, Direct, Autologus).
    • Percentage Utilization Of Blood For Components.
    • All reports can be filtered for data date wise.

Optional features

    • Security
    • Real Time Status
    • Technician Information
  • Backup and restore maintenance