Job Portal

Jobs Portal


Multi Centric job portal site enables recruiters and job seekers to provide and search jobs respectively. It’s a very easy and fast to use interface where both recruiters and job seekers can post and apply for jobs within few clicks. This is perfect for posting and searching jobs in different regions. Recruiters can post their vacancies and can search for the related candidate resume where the job seekers can search the jobs according to the category and apply for jobs. Job portal is unique and simple software where administrator can create sub categories for each and every category and can control every aspect of your business.

This product is useful for consultancies, business persons.


1. Job seekers
2. Employer
3. Administrator

Job Seeker
  • Can register (free/paid)
  • Can change password
  • Can use recover password system
  • Can create and maintain multiple Resumes
  • Can add/attach image to their resume(free)
  • Can manage profiles
  • Can upload/delete video resume (paid)
  • Can apply to jobs with video resume (paid)
  • Can View, edit, duplicate and send resumes
  • Can Mark resumes as searchable/confidential
  • Can Maintain multiple cover letters
  • Can Duplicate cover letters
  • Can Advanced search for jobs
  • Can Save search results
  • Can print jobs details
  • Can Search jobs based on keywords, categories, locations, company name, experience salary, expertise etc
  • Can Apply for jobs online in real time 
  • Can view job matches section and can apply
  • Can save favorite jobs
  • Can View Company profiles
  • Can Keep track of the jobs for which you applied
  • Can get job alerts in E-Mail
  • Can get job alerts in SMS(paid)
  • Can view Competitors/persons applied for same post
  • Career booster (resume sample for each field) (paid).
  • Can get professional resume with the guidance of experts (paid)
  • Can get articles which are useful to improve your career (paid)
  • Can Create/Edit/Delete company profiles(free)
  • Can Upload/delete video company profile (paid)
  • Can Change Password
  • Can Recover Password
  • Upload /Delete Image to their profiles
  • Can Post/Edit/Delete Jobs
  • Can make job offers featured (paid)
  • Can upload company logo to premium employer listing (paid)
  • Can Search Job seekers
  • Can view Job applicants and can E-mail them
  • Can manage job applicants
  • Can save job seekers resume
  • Can view Payment Plans and Options for Job Postings and Searches
  • Can get Discount Coupons
  • Can view their transaction history
  • Can print resumes easily
  • Can get latest resume database (paid)
  • Can view video resumes of applicants (paid)
  • Can manage video applicants (paid)
  • Can get placed in featured companies/bold companies with images(paid)
  • Can Manage List of Jobseekers
  • Can Manage List of Employers
  • Can view/manage Mailing members
  • Can send Bulk mails to all users/companies/both
  • Can send Automatic reminder emails to companies whose job listings have expired or will expire soon.
  • Can send Automatic reminder emails to job seekers whose subscription is expired or will expire soon.
  • Can Directly access Statistics
  • Can Setup new admin accounts
  • Can manage companies, Job Categories.
  • Can Setup pricing plans
  • Can View members
  • Can Delete members
  • Can Manage user registration and login
  • Can manage News Interface
  • Add / edit / remove categories(multi level)
  • Category ordering for display on front end
  • Can Shift jobs from one category to another.
  • Can Edit/delete resume of any jobseeker
  • Can Edit Email Messages which are automatically sent by the system
  • Can add/edit/delete articles and career resources
  • Can send discount coupons to companies and job seekers
  • Will have Highly configurable site parameters and layout parameters
  • Will have Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
  • Can Create / Edit / Save as many color schemes as you like
  • Can Cleanup routines
  • Can Create / Edit / Save as many icon sets as you like
  • Can Configure fees like job posting, premium membership, bold, featured job offers etc
  • Can View all billing transactions
  • Can Add/edit/remove transactions
  • Can Switch ON OFF email verification process
  • Will have fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel)
  • Can Configure all outgoing emails
  • Can add/edit/remove locations for which jobs can be posted
  • Can Manage premium employers
  • Can Approve logos for premium employers
  • Can Search subscribers
  • Can view Visitor feedback section
  • Will have Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads
  •  Can Add / Edit / Delete / Approve / Disapprove any ad
  • Can have backup and restore database.