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Online Exams

Online Examination Website Design

Online examination site is powerful educational software for eLearning and online education. You can create Tests, Lessons, Surveys – your entire testing and training Content online in any language. Online education system offers complete solution for online test, quiz, computer based test, eLearning online education through our powerful test engine

It is useful for school, college, university, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians, Website Members, the General Public, or anyone you want to give secure access to your Content. Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidate’s skills evaluation by conducting online test. It is very useful for parents in the academic development of kids to improve their educational skills. This site is very simple and very easy to use and is fast. It is much secured and fully customizable. .

1. User
2. Test
3. teacher
4. Result
5. Admin
  • Can login as individual/organization
  • Can reset and recover password
  • Can view/read/download available lessons/material/surveys based on login
  • Can view exams
  • Can take single exam or multiple exams according to their login
  • Can save and submit exam or can go back to previous page and submit new answers
  • Can view and save the exam result after completion of exam
  • Can view right and wrong answers after taking the exam
  • Can view their account information
  • Can view history including test results (if available)
  • Can view their certificates
  • Can view access information and web links
  • All the material/tests and results of a particular organization can be viewed by the authenticated organization head
Test Section
  • Exam questions can be general text questions, diagrams, images, videos, numbers, mathematical equations …etc
  • Answer options can be multiple choice options (checkboxes), true/false (radio button), type (textbox), select option (select boxes)…etc
  • Will have automatic Test/exam Duration
  • Accurate and automatic results
  • Includes score and percentage and remarks
  • Right/wrong answers display
  • Can be viewed and saved by the user


  • Can create, manage and provide access privileges to admin’s
  • Can create and manage users
  • Can create manage and provide different access permissions to user based on their type of account
  • Can provide and manage multiple account user’s (companies, schools, colleges, privates institutions…etc) and privileges
  • Can control all aspects of the system

Online examination also includes

  • Can optionally charge your test takers to take tests
  • Can add your own fields in a custom user data base
  • Will have many ways to get data in and out
  • Will have very powerful reporting
  • Will have unlimited data storage
  • Will have many tools to control and manage tests, question types, scoring, securing data, and results notification
  • Can create your own custom certificates
Key Achievements

  • Offers customized exam portal solutions
  • Post the live updates on syllabus, news & events
  • Exam results can be viewed online
  • Maintain alumni student records & conduct program